Blaze Poker Review

Blaze Poker has certainly hit the online poker world by storm. It is fast, it is furious and it certainly adds a whole new dimension to the way poker is played online.
Blaze Poker is another innovative ideal brought out by Microgming to pander to poker enthusiasts who like playing poker games that certainly have an edge to them. The first difference you will find with Blaze Poker is that instead of joining a fixed table, you join a pool. Here cards are dealt, games are started, but you can choose to fold at any stage of the game. You do not have to wait till it is your turn. When you have had enough of one game, you fold and you will immediately be dealt new cards and joined to a different pool of players.
Exactly the same principle will apply when you finish a game. As soon as the game is finished and the pot claimed by the winner, you will immediately be placed in another pool with different players and the poker game of your choice will be started immediately.
The time allocated to each player when it comes to their turn at the table, and decisions have to be made either to fold, raise or call is the same as any other poker game and no undue pressure will be placed on any player. Although it has to be said that this is meant for poker players who like fast games, and hence it is advisable that you brush up on your poker skills before you take part in Blaze Poker.
Multiple tables can be played at the same time, all you have to do is register twice for Blaze Poker and the system will automatically make sure that you are never placed in the same game twice.
Each hand you play you play against different opponents because there are multiple games all running at the same time within the one pool. That means that there are no fixed tables and hence the level of play and the speed changes on a hand to hand basis.
Blaze Poker is certainly not for the faint hearted. It is fast, it is exciting and the best way to understanding this game is join a game today and experience the exhilaration that only this online poker game can offer you.
It would suit the person who enjoys a game that turns over every couple of minutes.

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