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NEW JOBS and an ECONOMIC BOOST for Anthony and Ana County

The experts have studied the idea of a casino in Southern New Mexico, and the news is good! GVA Marquette Advisors, an international hospitality and gaming consulting firm, has just released a study that outlines how the proposed casino makes the economic pie better for everyone!


  • The $55 Million construction project will bring 570 construction related jobs
  • This equals $16 Million in construction job paychecks in the local economy
  • The finished project will bring 950 new jobs to the area
  • The casino will need $30 million in local purchases for supplies annually
  • The new casino will bring 2.7 million visitors each year
  • 1.7 million visitors would come from Texas 568,000 would come from Mexico, or are interstate travelers from more than 50 miles away

Many of the casino visitors from beyond 50 miles away will not only visit the casino for the day, but will also spend the night at hotels located in the area. They will likely eat in area restaurants, purchase gasoline and shop at area stores
– Direct Economic Impact of a Proposed Casino: Anthony,New Mexico,GVA Marquette Advisors

The casino will pay taxes; $7.2 million in payroll taxes and other taxesCase studies show jobs created by the casino will mean fewer people needing welfare and other government assistanceThe proposed casino does no harm to Sunland Park

  • This area can easily support a new casino

The proposed new casino will share the same market with Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino.The combined number of slot machines and other gaming devices, at 2,235 will still be less than one-third the number of slot machines and gaming devices that are supported in the Albuquerque market by a smaller population.
– “Direct Economic Impact of a Proposed Casino: Anthony,New Mexico,GVA Marquette Advisors

This market seems underserved, a conclusion that is reinforced by the observed overcrowding that routinely occurs at Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino.
– Direct Economic Impact of a Proposed Casino: Anthony,New Mexico, GVA Marquette Advisors


This project will bring jobs and economic opportunity to the community of Anthony, the surrounding area and the Jemez Pueblo.

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