Legalities Of USA Casinos


Is online gambling legal for U.S.A. players? Are online casinos legal for USA players? These are just a few of the questions we hear from time to time from people looking for online casinos accepting US players. Americans are unsure about the legalities of gambling at online casinos, and that is why we have built this big USA Online casino guide for you. If we can help just one person with the USA casino reviews we have or other information, to put their mind at ease about whether online casino gambling is legal or not, then we have done our job. American legislators have taken steps to prevent players from doing business with offshore casino gambling websites. Unfortunately, their efforts were misguided, and the laws that govern online gambling were attached to more important bills, that had to be passed, due to national security. The issue, by itself, is not that serious. In fact, revenues that could be made from the cooperation of the US government and it’s citizens, far outweighs the negatives of allowing American players to do unrestricted business with on line casinos. Right now, the only restrictions that prevent Americans from gambling online, is through US financial institutions.

We think you should know that it is not illegal for USA players to gamble online at online casinos and that is why we have a list of the best USA online casinos that will help you. However, since the UIGEA passed in 2006, it is the American banks that are the only ones prohibited from doing business with gambling websites, not United States citizens. This means that credit cards, which are typically backed by US banks, are not allowed to be used, to purchase gambling credit when depositing at US online casinos. While this is a major hurdle that sometimes discourages potential players, you should know that there are still a variety of ways to send money to any casinos, assuming the legal gambling age is not a problem. Find more USA online casinos at the gambling portal OGPaper. You will be able to find a list of all the states that do not have any specific laws that may stop you from gambling at USA on line casinos. You are not banned from gambling in the other 13 states, but there is a few laws that you may want to look at to see if it is legal to play at USA online casinos in your state.

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